February at Probinex: New Roadmap and Expansion to the Middle East

Ondřej Koraba

The shortest month of the year had one extra day this year, allowing us to make the most of the leap February. Buckle up, you're in for a real treat. 

Headnote by project co-founder Adam Neuberger

In February, we introduced you to a really action-packed outlook for 2024 as part of our roadmap.

We have a lot of work ahead of us, but the fruits we expect to reap are definitely worth it! In addition, my colleague Michal Baturko Olbert, co-founder of Probinex, is expanding our interests in the Middle East, so I recommend following his Instagram

And what about the world of cryptocurrencies? We are about to see ATH surpassed. The power of ETFs and institutions is starting to show. Follow us on our social media so you don't miss out on any new information! 

1. StayKing results for February 2024

In February, the global cryptocurrency market was marked by the rise in the price of bitcoin, ethereum and various memecoins. Our strategies were prepared for this, so we once again pushed the StopLoss level higher and generated profits mainly by trading futures derivatives.

The February results of StayKing also saw an increase, with a total of 269,850 PBX worth $49,563 distributed to its participants this month. This is a 31.8% increase compared to last month. 
Earnio contributed 33,024 PBX worth $6,065 to the February StayKing from its January results. 

What was the situation on the cryptocurrency markets and how did it affect our trading results?  You can learn all about it in the regular blog article of our Trading Frontman Tomáš Hucík

2. What is brewing at Probinex

Introducing the roadmap for 2024  

A new year calls for new challenges and new milestones to conquer. We have several of them planned for this year. We've already achieved the first of these, the implementation of the integrated third-party service Transak directly into the user account interface.

Now you can buy PBX even more conveniently and easily just with a few clicks in our backoffice.  
At Probinex, we have a mouthful in store for every quarter:  

Q1 - Transak, Earnio exchange and reallocation to the Fix variant  
Q2 - Internal spot exchange, Probinex Pay and StayKing  
Q3 - Probinex unified platform, all under one roof  
Q4 - MiCA regulation, CASP license, VARA and expansion into the Middle East  

You can dive deeper into our 2024 roadmap with our Head of Marketing, Ondřej Koraba in his video. 

There are many more milestones to come in 2024, but the biggest is clearly the launch of our Probinex exchange and unified platform, where you will find all our products and programs under one roof.

We are eager to celebrate each and every milestone with you. Because only together we are Probinex.  

Earnio builds on previous successes with another month of growth  

In February, Earnio continued its trend of growth in the volume of allocated funds. These increased by 8.6% compared to the previous month. Thus, Earnio entered the third month of this year with allocations worth USDC 6,270,178.

Earnio allocations for March 2024 - Probinex.com

Thank you for your trust and we look forward to celebrating more milestones together! Have't tried Earnio yet? Discover its perks right now:

Dubai, the world's business capital, is the next new home of Probinex  

Another milestone reached! In addition to Brno, Prague and Athens, Probinex now has offices in Dubai, the most progressive place in the crypto world, a metropolis that practically lives and breathes business. 

We have opened our new offices in the exclusive location of Jumeraih Emirates Tower in close proximity to the iconic Museum of the Future building.  Probinex is a project of the future, and our new office could not have grown in a more fitting location.

Our new premises in the UAE are our gateway to the Middle East. You can follow our co-founder Michal Baturko Olbert's business journey through the region on his Instagram profile

Probinex Instagram comes alive with highlights from our team's day-to-day operations  

There's always something happening at Probinex and now you have the opportunity to be part of it. We've been really busy working on our Instagram, where you can follow a multitude of stories and reels from the work of the Probinex team at events not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad.  

Token PBX Now listed on MEXC - Probinex.com

We will be delighted if you follow us and participate in our polls or even contests, of which we are planning several in the near future. 

3. Questions from users 

When are StayKing rewards due? And what about Earnio?   
We have established payout deadlines for both StayKing and Earnio. You can expect to receive your StayKing rewards by the fifth day of each month. As for Earnio, we distribute the rewards only after receiving the final audit of the results conducted by the world-renowned auditor Grant Thornton. This means that the payout of Earnio rewards is scheduled for the 15th day of each month.

And that's all folks. Thank you for your support and we hope you have a successful March!

 Your Probinex team

StayKing results of March 2024

StayKing results of March 2024

February at Probinex: New Roadmap and Expansion to the Middle East

February at Probinex: New Roadmap and Expansion to the Middle East

StayKing results february 2024

StayKing results february 2024