About Us

We have trading in our blood 

Combine our team experience with precise semi-to-fully-automated trading strategies. But we are more than algorithms. We are a group of people who realize there is future in crypto and have decided to build
a bridge between the cryptosphere and more conventional financial markets.


Project Probinex consists of multiple companies - FOX GROUP LTD., Binex s.r.o., PROBINEX SMPC, and PBXPAY LIMITED.

FOX GROUP LTD. has PBX tokens which are distributed through the company Binex s.r.o. in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It also provides electronic wallet services to the project's customers.

PBX tokens are distributed within the exchange operated by Binex s.r.o., which enables the exchange of PBX tokens for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.

PROBINEX SMPC is the operator of the Earnio platform, a unique crypto product that offers the public the opportunity to gain their of the wealth the world of cryptocurrencies has to offer.

PBXPAY LIMITED offers pbxpay, a crypto-friendly payment platform with an IBAN account for your convenience.


Our team of experienced professionals
in the crypto world

Adam Neuberger

Head of PR & Communication

Michal Baturko Olbert

Head of Business Development

Lukáš Straka

Head of Operation & Product Manager

Lukáš Polický

Head of Finance

Ondřej Koraba

Head of Marketing

Stavros Hodjikyriacou

Head of Licensing & Regulation

Barbora Plašilová

Head of Human Resources

Tomáš Hucík

Head of Customer Support

Jakub Nowak

Head of Research & Development


Our common vision
to change the financial world

Our team is largely made up of experienced professionals in the field who know that the future lies in crypto. 

Our goal is to create an ecosystem of products and services that eliminate barriers between the conventional world of inflation and centralized government influence and the world of cryptocurrencies that seems to be the financial ecosystem of the future.

Thanks to the support of our clients, as well as the community around the project, we can witness our ambitious vision come to life.


A diverse team has the best ideas

Our vision attracts people who want to be part of the change. That's why we give opportunities to juniors with a passion for crypto. The younger generation doesn't just believe in crypto, they live it. Their passion and drive for crypto move the whole team ahead.

We have a deeply ingrained start-up culture where change is the only certainty. That's why it's imperative that we build on each other's strengths. It is crucial for us that everyone develops the skills they enjoy using.

There are over forty of us and despite our incredibly fast and dynamic growth, we still have our eyes set on the same goal. We share a vision and are united by our passion for cryptocurrencies.

That's how we turn our vision into reality.

Our partners