The one true Royalty Program

Become part of the Proinex ecosystem. Lock your PBX into our StayKing program and enjoy benefits all across our product portfolio

Receive monthly rewards based on the overall performance of the whole Probinex project. 

Currently 514 million (51.4% of the total supply) of PBX tokens are locked in StayKing.

PBX worth over $2,4 million distributed in rewards

Since its launch in May 2022, our StayKing Royalty Program has been generating rewards for its participans on monthly basis.
The passive income of stakers has surpassed $2.46 million so far in form of PBX.

Become StayKing

Easy program

It only takes a few clicks to enter the StayKing program. The minimum amount you can lock down is just 100 PBXs. 

Secure lock-in with Team Finance

The PBXs you insert into the smart contract are securely stored with the audited Team Finance service. When your StayKing expires, you will get your PBX back.

Opportunity to increase the amount of your PBX

You can have the rewards paid out to your balance or re-enter them into the StayKing program.

Reasons to join StayKing

The StayKing program allows you to lock your PBX tokens and receive a reward directly linked to the performance of the entire project. Probinex invests in and manages its own cryptocurrency investment portfolio, with 65% of the overall earnings being distributed among StayKing participants.

In addition, StayKing gives you better conditions and rewards within the whole Probinex ecosystem of products. Locking your PBX in StayKing can help you increasse the share of the results of Earnio from 30 to 50 % while the product itself contributes to StayKing as well.

How to join?

Simply enter the world of cryptocurrencies with us. Just take a few simple steps to join the StayKing program. 


to Probinex

Sign up within few minutes.



Simply purchase on a crypto exchange, our integrated exchange, or via third party applications.


StayKing variant selection

Choose for how long you
want to lock your tokens


Locking the PBX tokens

Confirm token deposit
with a few mouse clicks.


PBX monthly reward

Decide how to handle your rewards.


Enjoy your new income

Decide how to handle your rewards.

Enter the kingdom of cryptocurrencies with us

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