The one true Royalty Program

Become part of the Probinex ecosystem! Buy PBX tokens and enter the StayKing Royalty program utilizing them. This will pave your way to the unlimited opportunities that the cryptocurrency industry has to offer.

By locking your tokens in StayKing, you access the opportunity to participate in the overall performance of the Probinex project.

Currently 500 million (50% of the total supply) of PBX tokens are locked in StayKing.

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Having more than half of the total supply of PBX tokens locked in StayKing underlines the confidence the community has invested into the program. 

To celebrate this huge achievement, we have allocated a 10 million PBX pool to distribute as rewards through our Royalty Program. Earn up to 7.5% of your friends' staking now!

Over $1.9 million distributed in rewards

Since its launch in may 2022, our StayKing Royalty Program has been generating rewards for its participans on monthly basis. The passive income of stakers has surpassed $1.92 million so far.

Become StayKing Royalty Now

Easy program entry

Thanks to the low entry limit of 100 PBX, anyone can now become part of the program. So don't wait around and join today!

Zero risk of token loss

The PBX amount you put into StayKing will be returned after its ending. There is no way of leaving with less than you originally put in. This is the advantage of StayKing.

Opportunity to increase the amount of your PBX

You can have the rewards paid out to your balance or re-enter them into the StayKing program.

Reasons to join StayKing

The StayKing program allows you to lock your PBX tokens and receive a reward directly linked to the performance of the entire project. Probinex invests in and manages its own cryptocurrency investment portfolio, with 65% of the overall earnings being distributed among StayKing participants.

In addition, you will also benefit from the success of all the products we introduce in the future. We are preparing our electronic wallet pbxpay, as well Earnio, which will be a unique product based on cryptocurrencies that will be compliant with all regulations, along with our own cryptocurrency exchange.

Where to buy PBX





How to join?

Simply enter the world of cryptocurrencies with us. Just take a few simple steps to join the StayKing program. 


Sign up within few minutes.

PBX purchase

Simply buy on the crypto exchange.

StayKing variant selection

Choose for how long you
want to lock your tokens

Locking the PBX tokens

Confirm token deposit
with a few mouse clicks.

PBX monthly reward

Decide how to handle your rewards and then just enjoy yourself.

Enter the kingdom of cryptocurrencies with us