Frequently Asked Questions

When looking at a dynamic project like ours, you may have a lot of questions. Read the most common and important ones. If you are still unsure, you can ask us directly in our Telegram group.

What is Probinex?

Probinex is a fintech project that brings cryptocurrencies closer to people. We are creating an ecosystem of products that will be compliant with regulations and therefore deliver an overall safer environment for its users. You can participate in the success of the project and its products via the PBX token. In the near future, we are as well preparing a unique financial tools named Earnio, electronic wallet and crypto exchange.

What is a PBX token?

Our in-house PBX token powers the entire ecosystem. It was developed as a tool for financing our project. Holding it and possibly locking it brings clients certain benefits when using our products and services. In addition, holders of PBX receive regular rewards directly stemming from the performance of the entire project.

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Where can I buy a PBX token?

If you want to buy PBX, there are several options depending on what suits you the best. Either directly through the crypto exchange on our website or on the Probit Global exchange.

What is StayKing and how to join?

The StayKing program allows you to lock your PBX tokens and let them work on your behalf.

It is a truly unique loyalty program that brings you many benefits within the entire ecosystem. Clients who lock their tokens into StayKing smart contracts will have the opportunity to acquire a share depending on the performance of the entire project, and will also be able to enjoy discounts and other benefits associated with other and upcoming products developed by Probinex.

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Do I need to verify my identity to join StayKing?

We have made access to StayKing as easy as possible. There is no need to verify your identity in order to join. Just register, log in to and then confirm your email in the "MENU" section.

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What does it mean that my tokens are "locked" in StayKing?

Locking means putting them into a smart contract. They will be released and available only after the lockout period has expired. By locking your tokens into the StayKing program, you are never at risk of losing them. Even if the project achieves the worst results imaginable during the duration of your smart contract, you will not lose a single PBX token.

The lock-in effectively takes the number of free PBX off the market and thus affects the price. It also proves to potential investors that other clients trust Probinex when they are willing to lock their PBX tokens for a longer time period.

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What is StayKing's valuation coefficient and how is it calculated?

The appreciation coefficient takes into account the total time for which you decide to lock your PBX tokens in the StayKing program. The longer the time, the higher the coefficient and therefore the bigger the reward.

The amount of PBX tokens you have invested in the given contract is multiplied by this coefficient. The result is used to calculate the reward depending on the share of the project’s overall performance.

For example, if you deposit 10,000 PBX in the basic variant, your reward is calculated from the amount of 10,000 PBX.

However, if you deposit the same number of tokens in the longest variant, your reward is calculated at 22,500 PBX (10,000 PBX x 2.25).

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What is Earnio and how it will work?

Earnio is about to be an independent product, fully compliant with emerging regulations. It uses our automated and semi-automated trading strategies that allow us to value our clients' deposits by working around the inefficient mechanisms of the traditional market.

Clients have the option to deposit both fiat and cryptocurrencies and let them do the work.

Such trading strategies have been working since 2018 and have shown their performance in both falling and rising markets. Clients could already test their operation through the StayKing program.

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What else would you like to know?

If you can think of any other questions, try taking a look at the FAQ section of our blog. We've already answered many of them there. 

You can learn more about the exchanges we were listed at or what kinds of mechanisms affect the price of the PBX token.