PBX token
The staple of the Probinex project

All ecosystems are consisting of smaller parts. In our case, it is PBX tokens, which run through the veins of the entire Probinex project and its associated products.

It is therefore the keystone of the entire system and helps in the development of a comprehensive platform connecting the worlds of crypto and FinTech.

Loyalty program

for token holders

Lower fees

on upcoming products

High utilization

compatibility between all products


Access all possibilities that the crypto world has to offer

PBX token holders can participate in StayKing - a premium loyalty program. Deposit your tokens in StayKing using smart contracts and benefit even further through our unique reward system.

By locking tokens into transparent smart contracts publicly available on the blockchain, there is no risk of token loss. Long story short -  you deposit the tokens and then simply wait until there is an opportunity to acquire your reward.


What the PBX token offers

Discounts on future products

Get discounts on our upcoming products

Better conditions in Earnio

Significantly better conditions in the upcoming Earnio product

StayKing loyalty program

Participation in the StayKing loyalty program for token holders

Security across the ecosystem

Secure transactions within the entire Probinex ecosystem

Higher rewards

Acquire rewards depending on the performance of the project in the form of additional PBX

Exchange trading

Freely trade your PBX tokens on a centralized exchange

PBX tocenomics - Probinex.com


PBX token history

During 2021, all 550 million PBX tokens reserved for token sale were sold. This established a solid financial foundation for Probinex.

PBX token holders had the opportunity to profit from our semi-to-fully-automated trading strategies by allocating their funds during token- sale.

Where to buy PBX token