Probinex Exchange

The game is trading and we're changing the rules!

Probinex’s very own crypto exchange represents a unique solution that allows well-established and proven elements of traditional markets to combine with technologies of the future. No need to feel limited anymore by the senseless limits and restrictions of old traditional markets.
We are bringing the revolution of crypto exchange to you!

The biggest opportunity of this decade

Tokenization of the financial market and blockchain technology entering the real-time economy is one of the biggest opportunities of this decade.

How will we achieve this?

We are steadily moving towards a regulated environment. When legislative frameworks start to emerge, we want to be ready.
Every step we take is carefully crafted and considered. For that reason we will not be surprised by unexpected situations.
Our team is developing an ecosystem of products that can function independently. Together, these products will create the conditions for our crypto exchange to emerge.
With tokenization, we combine the best of both worlds. That makes us a distinctive touchpoint between cryptocurrencies and traditional markets.

The exchange will also have the advantage of connecting other services tailored to the needs of ordinary traders, corporations and institutions.

The key

Financial market tokenization is the 
key to a revolution

We seize this opportunity by combining two market-proven models. We will create proxy tokens and allow them to be freely traded. This will create a stable market environment for trading fiat currencies and a range of other financial instruments. 

Ultimately, anyone will be able to trade currency pairs, tokenized commodities and tokenized stocks on the Probinex exchange with minimal fees.


What does asset tokenization mean?

Tokenization is the creation of virtual tokens stored on the blockchain whose value directly replicates the value of a proxy asset.

An example is Tether's USDT digital token, which is backed by the US dollar (USD).

The challenge

The challenges we solve

Limited transactions between regulated financial markets and unregulated crypto world

Fully AML/CFT compliant and audited cryptocurrency products

Trading of assets is limited by the opening hours of the exchange

Our exchange will be open for trading 24/7 throughout the year

Depositing and withdrawing assets is difficult and lengthy

Deposit and withdraw as much or little as you wish

Traditional exchanges are inconvenient and inaccessible to casual traders 

Fair play with no middlemen and no unnecessary fees

Large differences between crypto and fiat markets fundamentally slow down adoption of cryptocurrencies

We are making it possible to use blockchain technology across the
entire financial market

Liquidity is limited by the capabilities of the exchange in a particular market

By linking all markets into one, we create unprecedented liquidity