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Currently, 500 million (50% of the total supply) of PBX tokens are locked in StayKing. Find out why Probinex is the key to your financial independence.

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Our products

Native PBX utility token is the blood and soul of each and every product we make. Find out how to become part of our ecosystem.

PBX token

The native token of the Probinex project. Pay the
 exchange fees, earn more 
in Earnio or allocate.
Make the best of Probinex.


Unique platform compliant with regulations, utilizing cryptocurrencies. 
Deposit in EUR, BTC or ETH and earn more thanks to our trading strategies.

Probinex Exchange

Ultimate goal of our product fleet.
Unique crypto-exchange, ready for the regulated world. Trade any asset, anytime.


StayKing is premium loyalty program for PBX token holders. Lock your tokens in smart contracts and let them do the work for you.


Unique e-wallet that is open to the world of cryptocurrencies and gives you the freedom to handle your funds as you intend to. 

*Conditions can change over time


Become part of the Probinex ecosystem! Buy PBX tokens and enter the StayKing program with them. This will pave your way to the unlimited opportunities that the cryptocurrency industry has to offer.

By locking your Tokens in StayKing, you access the opportunity to participate in the overall performance of the Probinex project.

Next step

Launch of Earnio, regulations compliant platform, utilizing cryptocurrencies

Invest in cryptocurrencies through our semi-to-fully-automated trading strategies and share our success.

In addition, thanks to our affiliate program, we reward you for referring our platform to other clients.


What we've accomplished and what lies ahead

The Probinex project is unique because we connect different financial worlds. We manage to overcome challenges to our vision thanks to team experience, a careful long-term plan, and its systematic execution.

Take a look at what we have already accomplished and the milestones that lie ahead:

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