Why Choose Probinex?

Michal Hladký

The world of cryptocurrencies is facing a number of issues. Probinex is here to resolve them by creating an all-in-one ecosystem of crypto and fintech products in full complience with regulations. Learn how the Probinex project tackles these issues.

Why does Probinex address the uncertain topic of regulation?

Regulations have become a hot topic, especially during recent volatile months. The long-delayed question that the crypto community currently faces is also the most fundamental one - whether to regulate cryptocurrencies or not?

Opponents of a regulation refer to the original premise that cryptocurrencies were built on. As the creator of the first cryptocurrency, Satoshi Nakamoto was developing a new payment method that would be completely out of reach of any central authority.

Regulations set by the government, the central bank, or other entities directly oppose this idea in principle. For the orthodox supporters of crypto, regulated cryptocurrencies would lose the "magic" they sparked in the beginning.

Moreover, the creation of a regulated environment for cryptocurrencies does not automatically mean an actual advantage. State institutions cannot always react flexibly enough so that at the moment certain regulations are finally being adopted, the crypto world might already be in a different phase and the regulations will therefore not correspond to current trends. In such a case, a regulated environment could rather harm cryptocurrencies under certain circumstances.

Proponents of regulation, on the other hand, point out above all that the setting of reasonable barriers could significantly clean the market of dishonest entities and strengthen the confidence of the wider public in cryptocurrencies.

This would mean an influx of other potential investors and the subsequent development of the entire industry. Companies doing business in the crypto world will then be able to form a much clearer idea of what conditions they must meet and as well will be able to better assess their actions in accordance with regulations. In addition, a stable business environment will help create healthy competition, which will ultimately benefit the end customer.

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Investments from big banks

The creation of such an environment will also facilitate the entry of large players such as banking institutions and investment funds. There is great potential in cryptocurrencies to further increase profit and big players in the game are well aware of it. However, investing in an area that is to this day still regarded as unstable and somewhat unpredictable is for such reasons still considered risky.

The Probinex project is aware of the indisputable advantages of regulation. We support the establishment of the necessary guidelines and strongly believe that there is a will to create regulations that will reflect current trends. All steps that are currently taken are subject to a thorough analysis of how they may affect the functioning of the project in the future. The goal

is to create an entity operating on solid foundations, fitting all requirements when the regulated environment is introduced.

What about liquidity?

It is one of the few not yet fully resolved problems. Big players from the investment world are hesitant to enter the market today, not only because of the lack of regulatory environment but also due to the low liquidity of the stock exchanges. Probinex is fully aware of this and has a ready solution.

That is a new product called Earnio - a unique financial product that finally uses the full potential of the crypto world. It will drag in even those who have been so far quietly hoping for their chance but did not dare yet to enter the exciting sector of cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to semi-automated trading strategies that are continually being developed and improved, there is no longer a need to spend hours on the computer or phone and respond to incoming market fluctuations - these strategies will simply work on behalf of the trader, even in times of decline. That way, no one has to be afraid of the turbulent periods that the market occasionally brings.

By making Earnio fully compliant with regulations, we will be able to provide trading opportunities even for large investment companies, which will lead to further adoption of cryptocurrencies among the public.

It will result in an influx of investors and the generally wider acceptance of cryptocurrencies, which is one of the main goals of the entire project. The influx of these investors will again mean a further increase in liquidity, and thus one of the keystones for the creation of our very own crypto exchange will be laid out.

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We think of small traders

In addition to regulations and liquidity, we also cover difficulties in dealing with banks. These days, their own clients trading with cryptocurrencies face them quite often.

Probinex wants to offer a solution. As a regulated entity, we will be able to afford to create our own network of payment accounts. These accounts will then be accepted by other payment institutions, which will break down currently existing barriers.

By aggregating payment methods on an exchange, we will also be able to create the maximum possible central liquidity for deposits and withdrawals coming from these accounts. As an added value, liquidity against various fiat currencies will also bring usability for foreign exchange.

Easy deposits and withdrawals for everyone

In addition to maximally simplifying deposits and withdrawals, the project also tends to focus on expanding the general usability of cryptocurrencies. The solution should be the upcoming digital wallet, which will be very similar to internet banking. This wallet will be focused not only on payment services but also on cryptocurrencies. 

The connection of the wallet to the banking sector will be covered and secured by the license of the institution.

We do believe that combined with regulations, these smart products can really help us to convince the doubtful general public to start seeing the crypto world as an interesting opportunity and a new revolutionary technology instead.

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