Learn more about our portfolio and how it works! Part 1 – Long-Term Positions

Jiří Makovský

As you could see on the dedicated page, our business portfolio has a complex structure. This stems from our desire to be a safe haven in the wild waters of the crypto market. To achieve our goal, our portfolio is strictly managed and overseen. In the coming series of articles, you are about to learn a lot of interesting details about it. For example, the way it uses "fractal diversification" and "bionic trading" principles.

The upcoming product named Earnio and the already operational StayKing are the natural evolution of our allocations. We offered these to clients right from the beginning of the initial token sale. In addition, we have proven experience with portfolio management dating to the year 2018.

Probinex portfolion management - Probinex.com

Finding long-term positions

40% of our portfolio are long-term positions - investments.

The selection is technically no different from how a beginner would proceed. However, instead of shallow analysis, our team will conduct in-depth research, based on the possibility of succeeding and the chances of the given cryptocurrency growing. It is a unique combination of technical and behavioral analyses. We hold such positions for several months up to several years.

The principle of standard long-term positions is known in the cryptocurrency community as "HODL", a misspelling of the English "hold" that became a well-known keyword within the crypto industry

Did you know?- 65% of the performance of our portfolio is distributed among clients within StayKing. Find out more!

Long-term portfolio composition

Each part of the portfolio is subject to a rigorous evaluation. At this very moment, there are 9 main cryptocurrencies that are involved in the 50 largest projects. We will tell you more about some of them.

Polygon Network - MATIC

In terms of market capitalization, MATIC has long been around positions between 15 to 25. The goal of the Polygon Network project is to deliver tools that will result in increased speed and reduced cost of blockchain operation. Polygon is closely bound with the Ethereum network - it is a secondary layer.

Cosmos - ATOM

Cosmos’ goal is to create an "internet of blockchains". A network of highly specialized chains that will be able to communicate with each other within a unified structure. It is a vision strongly focused on an industry where the work of blockchain will always be firmly laid out.

Understandably, our portfolio includes Bitcoin (the king of cryptocurrencies) along with the largest chain in the world - Ethereum!

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