StayKing: Everything you need to know I.

Michal Hladký

Anyone following the events surrounding our project certainly could have noticed already that a novelty blossomed within our product range. Since it involves the process of staking, we straight up named it StayKing.


Shortly after its launch, we published an article including the frequently asked questions. We will do our best in order to constantly update and keep on expanding this FAQ with new informative content. We also highly recommend following our Telegram group, where we handle all inquiries in real-time.


This is the first issue of: "Everything you need to know" (about StayKing). In these two articles, we will provide you with basic guidance and necessary information related to this exciting product. 


Before we get into it…

Before we dig deeper, let's have a quick recap in terms of the world of cryptocurrencies. Specifically, there are "smart contracts" and "staking".


A smart contract is a digital contract between two parties that is recorded and publicly traceable on the blockchain. Smart contracts are an integral part of the process known as staking.


Staking is a well-known concept in the crypto industry. Long story short - it is locking your tokens on the blockchain through a smart contract and getting certain benefits for it.


Now let's take a closer look at how to StayKing with Probinex... and how it all works.


About StayKing by Probinex

StayKing is another way to utilize your PBX tokens. It is also thoughtfully designed to make their possession even more exclusive than before. The key part of the program will be the ability to take your tokens (at least 100 PBX) and simply lock them into a transparent smart contract for a certain period of time.


It is solely up to the user to determine the desired period of keeping the tokens locked. To make things more user-friendly and overall more hassle-free, there will be six pre-set variants to choose from. Each variant's name simply reflects the duration of the smart contract. You can choose from: StayKing 12, StayKing 24, StayKing 36, StayKing 60, StayKing 90 and StayKing 120. The number always indicates the total of months which the tokens will be locked for.


What does Adam Neuberger about StayKing? Find out in the video below.


About StayKing and allocations

Since January of 2022, it is no longer possible to enter allocations or carry out reallocations. That makes StayKing an opportunity for latecomers who did not have a chance to enter the allocations and as well gives an alternative to those who may remember the possibility to reallocate their newly acquired PBX in past. An option to move tokens from allocations directly to StayKing is also being currently worked on.


Advantages of StayKing:


- You do not bear a share of the loss: the PBX tokens you deposit in StayKing are securely locked in the given smart contract. For that reason, any deduction is not possible, even in the case of a month with a negative result. In the case of a successful month, you will then be able to withdraw your PBX.


- regular monthly pay-outs linked to the performance of the entire project: You do not receive a reward depending on the performance of trading, but a reward depending on the performance of the entire project. Also, you can directly profit from the success of products that we introduce in the future within the project. 


- A higher rate of return than dynamic allocation: PBXs obtained through the new StayKing are an index of the performance of all products. For that reason, it is more advantageous than the allocation itself.


Why StayKing is risk-free

When researching any product, you may also wonder if there are any risks associated with it.


The answer to this question has already been given earlier in the text, however, we would like to point it out one more time - with StayKing, there is no risk of losing your tokens. This rule applies even in the worst-case scenario, ensuring you will always have at least the same number of PBXs as you initially put into the program.


Why are we doing all this?

As we are drawing closer to the end of this section, it is certainly appropriate to explain why we are launching StayKing and also... why right now? The reasons are pretty simple. Our token has been listed on a public exchange and its data can be found on the largest aggregators that exist in the crypto world.


Read more about listing the PBX token on the ProBit exchange. You might also be interested in articles about listing the token on the largest cryptocurrency search engines CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.


Anyone interested in purchasing PBX tokens can now find information about their distribution on individual wallets. If tokens are seen to be locked in smart contracts for longer periods of time, it will indicate greater credibility and stability of the entire project.


In the near future, we will publish the second issue of this series regarding StayKing. Maybe it will have the answers to some questions that may have remained or arisen in your head even after reading this article.


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