May in Probinex: Successful expansion, VARA licence and Earnio milestone

Ondřej Koraba

April full of funky weather is behind us. Although nature played its own game, we at Probinex have been working in every kind of weather to meet the next milestones of our roadmap for 2024. As is our custom, we also have news and updates from our various areas of activity.   

Headnote by project co-founder Adam Neuberger

In May, we received positive news regarding the initial approval of Probinex. If all goes well, this will be followed by the official granting of the VARA licence. 

In addition, Michal Baturko Olbert visited Greece, where we discussed with our business partners the next steps in our business activities, but also, for example, the expansion into other countries. 

We are on track with expansion and regulation identified as key points of our plan for this year. On behalf of the entire Probinex team, I am pleased that we are continuing to execute these successfully. 

1. StayKing results for April 2024  

At the beginning of May, the situation on the cryptocurrency markets was the opposite of the widely speculated development, as the price of bitcoin fell. For a while, it swayed as low as below $60,000 per bitcoin.  

However, we had anticipated this development, as you can read in previous articles, and so we had a stop loss set on our spot positions, i.e. a protective order that would close the position in case the price fell too low.

So on some of the positions this order was activated and these positions set in open profit were turned into realized profit by the execution of the stop loss. 

StayKing results as of 1. 6. 2024 -

This time, we distributed a total of 702,631 PBXs worth USD 118,658 to StayKing participants. This is more than double the number of PBXs than last month.  

What was the state of the market and what were our strategies? Find out in the latest article by our trading frontman, Tomáš Hucík. 

2. What is brewing at Probinex

Earnio celebrates reaching yet another milestone! 

8 840 159 USDC, that's how much was allocated in Earnio at the end of May. This exceptionally transparent product, where you can earn allocation rewards of up to 24% per year in the Fix variant, has reached the milestone of 8 000 000 USDC allocated and greatly surpassed it during May. 

Thank you for your trust and we look forward to celebrating more milestones together on the road to achieving our vision. 

Earnio allocations for May 2024 -

Expansion abroad continues with activities in the Czech Republic, Greece and Dubai

Expansion into foreign markets is one of the goals of our roadmap for 2024. In addition to the Czech Republic, we are also working on this goal in Greece and Dubai, which is almost a second home for Michal Baturko Olbert, co-founder of Probinex. You can follow the snippets of his travels on Michal's instagram, among others.  

Stavros Hadjikyriacou head of licensing and regulation -

In May, he also visited our Greek offices to meet the new additions to the team led by Stavros Hadjikyriacou, our Head of Licensing and Regulation. He also celebrated with him another milestone for Probinex, as Stavros was elected to the Board of Directors of Cyprus Blockchain Technologies

The Probinex project is a proud member of the CyBT from 2023 and we are honoured that Stavros has taken on this key role. His election to the board emphasizes our commitment to innovation and education in blockchain. 

Probinex receives initial approval for Dubai VARA licence 

As part of our expansion abroad and our proactive approach to regulation and compliance, we have also applied for a digital asset management licence. 
During the licensing process, successful projects first receive what is known as an initial approval. 

If all goes well, the official granting of the licence by the governing body VARA will soon follow. This is another successful step on our journey towards globalisation and opening the doors of Probinex to the whole world.   

News in your client account 

We're constantly working to make your client account environment as transparent as possible so you can find everything you're looking for. That's why during May we introduced two new features to help you navigate the Probinex ecosystem.   

In your client account you will now find: 

StayKing level - in addition to the duration of your StayKing in the table, you will now also find your StayKing level. Based on this level, you can enjoy benefits across all Probinex products.  

Stayking level -

In the Earnio Fix, with a maximum StayKing level of 11, you will get rewards of 2% per month instead of the basic 1%. Of course, we are also planning benefits for using Probinex Pay and Probinex Exchange in the future.   

StayKing rewards history - we have added a historical overview of all rewards earned from StayKing, including rewards earned using the Restake option. You can find the information in your client account under the StayKing tab at the bottom of the page. 

And that's it for now. Thank you for your support and we wish you a successful June!  

Your Probinex team