May 2023 in Probinex

Ondřej Koraba

May is over and we have more exciting news about what is happening with our project. From positive StayKing results to a significant increase in AUM in Earnio, it's been an incredible ride. So, sit back and let's get to it!  

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Adam Neuberger's opening words

There is no doubt that trading in a bear market presents a significant challenge even for a seasoned professional. From one day to the next, your situation can change significantly. 

That's why I am even more thrilled about the great results that our StayKing achieved in May. It shows that our long-term perspective and patience are bearing fruit and that our journey is making sense. 

And what else did the fifth month of this year bring? 

StayKing results for May 2023

The fifth month of the year started a bit on the slow side but gradually picked up enough momentum that we managed to close it in a decent surplus. The average result of our royal program was 0.584 percent. 

This resulted in 3,032,250.32 PBX worth $151,309 going to StayKing participants for May.  

StayKing results for May 2023 -

What is brewing in Probinex

More than 538 000 USDC in Earnio  

Earnio is growing! Total AUM, the assets under management in our audited platform, surpassed half a million USDC!

More than 538,000 USDC allocated in Earnio -

The growth of this amount is a testament to the trust you place in our work. We appreciate it greatly and look forward to further growth! And the Earnio results for May? We already know them, but now they have to be verified by Grant Thornton. As soon as they finish the audit, we'll let you know!  

Purchase by card coming soon 

Our goal is to make the PBX token as accessible as possible and its purchase and sale hassle-free. That's why we will be adding the ability to pay with a credit card through a simple app in our backoffice soon.

We have currently signed a contract with a partner who will enable this service. We will inform you about further developments soon.  

Mandatory two-factor authentication 

The security of our clients' data and funds is our top priority. This principle is sacred to us and we are constantly striving to increase the level of security. For this reason, we will soon introduce a mandatory two-factor authentication.  

We will provide you with more information about two-factor authentication in a separate email. We are also working on detailed instructions.   

Probinex ran to help the visually impaired

One of the tasks we have taken on at Probinex is to help people to better navigate the world of cryptocurrencies. But we also want to help in other aspects of life.  
That's why we took part in the night run for Světluška, which raises funds for people with visual impairment. Together we ran the route around Brno's Špilberk Castle. 

Probinex helps the visually impaired -

Questions from users

How to buy PBX through exchange? 

To purchase from our exchange, you first need to verify your identity in the Profile section (usually by the next business day) and then you can purchase PBX tokens directly in the Purchase/Deposit section.

The exchange will offer you the amount of PBX you can get for your purchase. If you agree, all you have to do is send the funds to the specified account and check the binding order box. 

And that's all folks. Thank you for your support and we hope you have a successful May!

 Your Probinex team