Introducing Royal Contest with StayKing Affiliate

Ondřej Koraba

Recently, the Probinex project celebrated a massive achievement of more than half of the total supply of the PBX token being locked in the StayKing Royal Program. For this occasion, we have allocated 10 million PBX for grabs as a part of the Probinex affiliate program. But we won’t stop here!

From 1st April till 1st May April 2023, we will be holding a contest for the ones that could spread the word in the most effective way. We will distribute 10,000 PBX to 10 lucky winners who will bring the highest number of new StayKing participants!

How to take part in the contest?

1) If you haven't done so yet, sign up to This way, you can enter our StayKing Royalty Program. 

2) To be eligible for the contest, you have to have at least 1,000 PBX locked in StayKing. This very condition applies to the Affiliate program as well. If you don't own any PBX, you can purchase some within, or you can trade the tokens on the ProBit or BitMart exchange, as well as on PancakeSwap. 

3) Once you have the PBX needed staked, you can share the referral link with your friends and let them stake at least 100 PBX. Please bear in mind that only new StayKers are taken counted on the leaderboard. It doesn't apply to participants that already have their account and PBX staked.  


4) The more friends you bring in, the higher the chance that you'll win!


There are ten prizes to distribute. Altogether, there’s a pool of 10,000 PBX for the giveaway.

1st 3,000 PBX

2nd 2,000 PBX

3rd 1, 000 PBX

4th-5th 750 PBX

6th-10th 500PBX

Additional Special Prize:

Five participants will be randomly drawn at the end of the contest. They will receive some PBX as well as a surprise package of our merchandise. 

So hurry up and spread the word about the StayKing Royal Family. The clock is ticking!