Another Leap Forward: PBX Token Now Listed on MEXC Exchange

Ondřej Koraba

The last few weeks have been exciting for Probinex. Earnio is gaining popularity, interest in StayKing and, especially, our PBX token is surging. The token has even become one of the most liquid assets on the ProBit exchange. 

Given these achievements, we've decided to expand further and list the PBX token on another exchange: MEXC, which is used by over 10 million traders monthly. 

Reasons for Choosing MEXC: 

High Trading Volumes 

MEXC boasts significantly larger trading volumes compared to other exchanges, reflecting a highly active trading community and offering greater liquidity. 

Generous Withdrawal Limits 

 A cornerstone of Probinex is the freedom to manage assets as desired. MEXC offers impressive withdrawal limits, with basic KYC allowing for daily crypto withdrawals worth up to 80 BTC, and advanced KYC going up to 200 BTC. 

Ease of Acquiring USDC for Earnio 

One of MEXC's advantages is the variety of blockchains it supports, including BEP-20, which we use for Earnio. This ensures seamless fund transfers between MEXC and Earnio. 

Broad and Active Community 

The MEXC community is vibrant and aligns well with our values and vision for PBX. We believe this strong community connection will spur growth and heighten awareness about our token. 

Fulfilling Our Roadmap 

Our listing on MEXC is one of the many milestones we’ve set for the upcoming months. All our future steps and achieved milestones can be viewed in our provided roadmap. 

Product roadmap -

Main Points of the Roadmap: 

  • For Earnio, we're working on a consulting program, a final product version, an internal exchange for USDC, and reducing the minimum deposit for further allocations. 
  • For our unique e-wallet pbxpay, we've negotiated better terms and lowered fees. 
  • StayKing, our royal program, will soon be pegged to the USD value of PBX at the time of staking. 
  • We also plan to launch a trading network for both StayKing and Earnio, boosting demand for PBX and other products.   

We couldn't have achieved all this without the incredible support of our community. We deeply appreciate it and promise to tirelessly work towards realizing our vision.