Introducing Shufti Pro: Automatic verification for internal exchange

At Probinex, we place maximum emphasis on ensuring that all our products and services operate in accordance with the current legislation. One such legal obligation is the verification of identity, known as Know Your Customer (KYC), when purchasing PBX tokens through our internal spot exchange

At the same time, we try to make these processes as time-saving as possible, so we are constantly working on possible improvements. 

We have therefore deployed a new verification method to the backoffice using a third-party application Shufti Pro, which performs the entire verification process automatically. 

You may have already had the pleasure of using this service at Earnio and now you can expect a very similar process within the internal spot exchange. 

What do I need to do to make sure my identity verification through Shufti Pro goes smoothly? First of all, get your phone in your hand: 

  • Firstly, before verification via Shufti Pro, it is necessary to verify the name, email and phone number within the backoffice on 
  • Verification via Shufti Pro can only be done using a mobile phone. Webcams on computers often result in a blurred image, which can lead to a rejected application. You can start the verification process on your computer and then use the QR code to switch to your phone. 
  • The photo of the identity card and of a second identity document, such as a passport or driving licence, must be in good resolution on both sides so that the information is clearly visible. 
  • You can use your bank statement, which contains your details including your home address, to verify your residence. This statement must not be older than three months. Please do not modify the statement in any way, Shufti Pro will deem any tampering unacceptable. 
  • If you don't have a bank statement, you can use a utility or internet bill, for example, which will show your details, including your residence. 
  • You can also use a screenshot of the statement or document, just please don't take a picture of a different screen on your phone. Such a photo will certainly not pass verification. 
Don't take photos of your screen during KYC -
  • As part of the verification, you must also take a selfie, i.e. a photo of your own face. Please use your phone for this purpose, so that the photo is at the best possible resolution. It is best to take the photo with a clear background behind you, for example in front of a white wall. 

After these steps are completed, Shufti Pro performs an automatic scan. In case of successful approval and verification of the phone number and email within our back office, you can then proceed to purchase of the PBX via our internal spot exchange. 

We strongly believe that with these steps you will pass the identity verification easily and quickly. Of course, if you have any questions, we can be reached at [email protected]

Thank you for joining the ride, together we are Probinex.