500 million PBX tokens in StayKing

Michal Hladký

It's not even a year since we first introduced our unique StayKing program to the world. We are truly pleased that in such a short time more than 500 million PBX tokens have been locked in its smart contracts. 

Hitting such a significant milestone sends a good signal towards the cryptocurrency community. It clearly shows a strong community and trust in this project. Most importantly — tokens being securely locked significantly reduce the likelihood of a so-called rug pull (a situation where the founders of the token disappear with the liquidity and investors are then left with only a worthless token).

The basic rules of the free market also apply here, namely the rules of supply and demand. I.e., by locking tokens, their quantity in circulation will decrease, which in case of increased demand may have a favorable effect on the development of their price.

There’s more! StayKing and its use benefits not only the Probinex project, but also its users. In 2022, the program distributed over 26 million PBX valued at more than a million (US) dollars among all participating in the program. Vast majority of users reallocated their earings in order to generate even more tokens, others swapped their reward PBX for real fiat money. Either-or, this program has become a real passive income for all its participants.

As we already outlined in the article about 2023 plans, the success of StayKing truly motivates us in the work we do here at Probinex. 

Your support indeed means a lot to us, as it not only helps the growth of the community but also the development of the project along with its entire ecosystem, having only positive effects on PBX.

Our focus will also aim to further expand the StayKing program. Including more user-friendly locking options, tailored to your exact needs and liking.

Whole lotta stuff ahead! So stay in touch using our Telegram channel and never miss out on the important news again!