2023 expectations

Michal Hladký

After looking back at 2022 there is nothing left to do but focus solely on what the coming twelve months will bring us. Have a little taster of what is Probinex project cooking up for you in 2023.

We want to grow in all directions

One of the important trends that we would like to stick to this year at Probinex is constant growth, in all areas. Our team is no exception — that's why we already welcomed two new faces in January, with more about to join soon. This will allow us to cover the wide range of activities we have planned out. And what will they be? You can find a brief outline further in the text, but don't expect us to spill all the beans at once.

In addition to the growth of the team, we are also intending to increase the number of business partners. Our journeys will not be only throughout the Czech Republic but above &  beyond all borders. In addition to Cyprus and Greece, where we already successfully settled last year, we are also waiting for our first business meetings in Portugal and exotic Dubai. So don't act surprised if you are caught vacationing in our top-notch merch and people give you props!

PBX first!

Rising from the ashes during Operation Phoenix, our PBX token is also set to have a quite busy year ahead! We can hereby confirm that we have a signuficant number of activities planned surrounding PBX.

You can indeed look forward towards features that will support PBX within our ecosystem. It’s also very likely that you will be able to stumble upon PBX elsewhere than just on the ProBit exchange as the token expands. Our project is proudly heading into the best of both worlds — centralized and decentralized. Thanks to our extensive marketing activities, we strongly believe that the number of PBX holders will increase as well. This will continue to be supported by airdrops and other events that have proven to be successful for our endeavors in the past.

StayKing’s reign continues

Speaking of tokens, we mustn't forget last year's king! This clearly became the StayKing, which distributed over 26 million tokens worth over a million dollars. That's why we put our heads together and came up with a plan to make this program even more attractive and generally more accessible, not only for our clients but also for the crypto community in general. That is why StayKing reaches beyond the borders of the centralized world. 

If you still have some free tokens laying around, don't miss out and lock them into smart contracts as soon as possible! 

pbxpay launched

In the beginning of January, we launched an official campaign allowing you to obtain this unique e-Wallet for the first three months completely free of any maintenance fees. Go ahead and use pbxpay to comfortably enter the world of cryptocurrencies!

Anyone who already signed up for pbxpay last year can look forward to receiving the stylish payment card. The shipment is scheduled for the beginning of January, so they should be in the hands of their owners very soon.
We are also tirelessly working on the development of a mobile application. On top of that, you will also appreciate the availability of the card in Apple Pay and as well major discounts for all PBX token holders.


Big things are also coming for our other product, Earnio. January 2023 will bring our very first official audit. As we have already informed earlier, the audit will be carried out by the top company in the field - Grant Thornton.

This January will also be the month in which Earnio opens its doors to the first clients from financial institutions. Among them will be also those who believed in the vision of the Probinex project from the beginning.

The entire Q1 will be carried out in this highly-paced spirit, during which we will gradually clear the waiting list of those interested in beta testing and add more along the way. Using the vital feedback from these pioneers, we will continue to fine-tune the product in order to present the general public with a truly perfect user experience.
It's no secret that Earnio will be even more interesting for PBX token holders, further increasing its demand. Now you can rest assured that there will be even more buzz around the PBX token! 

And how is our latest product – the Probinex exchange?
Thanks to the experience and feedback we have gathered so far, we are more confident than ever that we want to open the stock exchange and, above all, that our team can handle the workload.

Keep your eyes peeled, especially in our Telegram group or on social networks, because there's a whole lot going on daily!