Easy, safe
and effortless sale of PBX for USDC 

Would you like to sell your PBX, but don't want to keep an eye on the stock market price? Profit Guard takes care of everything for you. Automatically, conveniently, and securely. 

How does Profit Guard work? 

Set the price level
at which you want
to sell your PBX 

Send the PBX to the
Profit Guard program for
a maximum of 36 months 

Receive USDC
on a monthly basis for
PBX sales 

You can change
the price level
every month 

of Profit Guard 

  • Effortless sale of PBX for USDC stablecoin 
  • Linked to Earnio account where USDC can be exchanged or allocated 
  • Strengthening the stability and growth of the entire Probinex project 
  • Increased attractiveness of Probinex to investment groups and funds 

Terms and conditions
for accessing Profit Guard ​​​​​​​

  • At least 100 000 PBX on the balance 
  • Activated account in Earnio 

Full terms and conditions of Profit Guard can be found here

How is the selling price of PBX calculated? 

If the average PBX token price for the previous month exceeds a pre-set price level, a PBX buyout is triggered. The final repurchase price is adjusted using a repurchase coefficient to account for broker remuneration.

Are you interested in Profit Guard ​​​​​​​

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