April at Probinex: Earnio nearing 8 millions USD in allocations

Ondřej Koraba

April full of funky weather is behind us. Although nature played its own game, we at Probinex have been working in every kind of weather to meet the next milestones of our roadmap for 2024. As is our custom, we also have news and updates from our various areas of activity.   

Headnote by project co-founder Adam Neuberger

The month of April is over! We've spent this month at Probinex launching the pre-launch phase of Probinex Pay and announcing that we have set up Czech IBAN accounts for this unique e-wallet! Czech clients that have attended our April event got the opportunity to test this pre-launch phase with us, complete with 3 months of free account management.   

We are still working on our expansion into foreign markets, Patrik and Tom were successful in Greece and not only did some of the Money Show Expo attendees become our clients, they even brought along an enthusiastic partner, Louis, who has big plans for Probinex in Greece and other countries! We welcomed Louis to our offices in the Czech Republic, showed him around the city and our culture and gave him a taste of typical Czech cuisine. The biggest success was so called "tlačenka"!   

This month I also ran out of patience with random articles that were published about us on various websites. Together with our legal department, we have taken legal action against one of the authors for spreading false information. I have also issued a statement which, unlike this author's article, is not written in a tabloid manner. On the contrary, we backed it up with facts and refuted each of the author's false claims. You know that we pride ourselves on transparency and fair play. That's why I personally offered the authors of both articles a meeting and the opportunity to ask whatever questions they are interested in so that their next articles can be truly relevant. Whether they accept is up to them.   

Another achievement is the incredible number of 1 073 889 USDC in allocations to Earnio for April. We really appreciate your trust and take this as a feedback that you like our Probinex products. We are also growing as a team, welcoming new colleagues and also opening the Probinex Business Hub for business partners. What can I say, sometimes it feels like a month has 90 days in our company. April is a good example of this. Thanks to the whole team and to you, our clients. Together, we are Probinex. 

1. StayKing results for April 2024  

April was full of ups and downs in the cryptocurrency markets, a wild ride full of volatility and breaking records. Prices reacted to a myriad of important events around the world, from bitcoin's halving to the SEC's lawsuit against Uniswap Labs to Iran's drone attack on Israel.  

Due to the high volatility, our focus this month has been more on monitoring the market and gradually accumulating more cryptocurrencies into our portfolio. Its current distribution is as follows:  

  • 60% stablecoins
  • 20% futures
  • 5% BTC/ETH
  • 15% DEFI

This time we have paid out a total of 327,444 PBX to StayKing participants, worth 53,890 USD. You can read more about the situation on the world markets in an article by our trading frontman, Tomáš Hucík. 

StayKing results to 1. April 2024 - Probinex.com

2. What is brewing at Probinex

Earnio allocation are nearing the 8 million USDC milestone  

The monthly growth of allocations to Earnio continues. Compared to last month, the amount of allocations saw an increase of 15.6%.    

Earnio enters May with allocations totaling USDC 7,954,923. During April, Earnio has also once again surpassed the 1,000,000 USDC threshold of USDC allocated in one month. 

Earnio enters May with allocations totaling USDC 7 954 923 - Probinex.com

Probinex Academy now directly in the client account  

The Probinex Academy is a collection of materials in text and video format that cover the most important topics regarding the Probinex ecosystem and individual products and programs. All of these materials in English can now be found in your client account. 

Probinex academy banner - Probinex.com

If you're interested in information about Earnio's strategies, rewards payouts, how Stayking works, or even networking opportunities, you can access it with just a few clicks.   

History of rewards in StayKing

Another novelty feature that you can find right in your client account is the history of rewards earned in StayKing since the beginning of your use of the program. We have added information about all the PBX rewards earned from the classic token staking as well as the so-called ReStake option in the StayKing tab at the bottom of the page. 

Within this information, you will also find a link to each of the transactions that are transparently traceable on the blockchain using BscScan. 

Probinex in Athens 

In addition to the Czech Republic, Probinex also has a home in Greece and now in Dubai as well.  

So it's only natural that we couldn't miss the biggest event in the field of cryptocurrencies and FinTech, Money Show Expo. On the contrary, Probinex became the main partner of the event once again.    

This time, Patrik Neuberger and Tomáš Hucík from the Czech Republic went to Athens to join our greek colleague Stavros, and in addition to presenting Probinex and its products at the booth in the most exposed part of the expo, the Czech duo also gave two lectures directly on the main stage. You can find a summary of their trip on our Instagram

Money Show Expo Athens - Probinex.com

3. Questions from users 

I came across scam sites claiming to be Probinex, are you aware of their existence?   

From time to time, fraudulent accounts and sites claiming to be Probinex emerge from the depths of the Internet. These scammers often lure you with ridiculously high earnings, unrealistic PBX airdrops, and address clients in bad English with an insistent attitude. Be vigilant!   

If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us on the official Probinex communication channels. Always verify the URL before logging into your client account and activate two-factor authentication to be extra safe.

The security of your data and funds is our top priority. Therefore, please pay the utmost attention to the security of your information. After all, you never know where a fraudulent site with Probinex colors and logo may pop up. 

And that's all folks. Thank you for your support and we hope you have a successful May!  

Your Probinex team